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Attorney Robenhymer has been practicing law for over thirty-one years. In that time, he has handled thousands of cases in both state and federal courts. He has completed over forty jury trials in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In addition, he has handled hundreds of uncontested and complex divorces as well as child custody matters. Attorney Robenhymer has appeared before all of the trial courts in Rhode Island and many in Massachusetts. He is also aware that litigation can be expensive and in an effort to keep expenses down for his clients, he has handled hundreds of mediations and arbitrations to short circuit the court process.

As part of his philosophy to remain with his client every step of the way, Attorney Robenhymer has appeared before the Rhode Island Supreme Court numerous times and the First Circuit Court of Appeals to handle appeals for clients he represented in trial courts. Throughout his many years of practice, Attorney Robenhymer has never lost sight of the confidence and trust his clients have place in him to handle their legal matters with the utmost competence and professionalism.  

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